USB Wifi Adapter Driver Windows 7

USB Wifi Adapter Driver Windows 7

To know how to install and use USB wifi adapter driver windows 7 read this article carefully and follow the instructions given. In this article, I provide you with complete information about the wifi USB adapter driver so that you can resolve all your obstacles.

Your computer requires a Wifi Lan driver to connect with wifi as they didn’t have an inbuilt wifi driver. Different windows need different bits of wifi drivers such as Window 7 64 and 32-bit Wifi Lan Driver, Window 8 32 and 64-bit wifi lan driver, Windows 10 64 bit wifi lan driver. 

What is the purpose of a USB Wifi Adapter Driver?

Sometimes while using wifi for an internet connection on our laptop or pc sudden interruptions occur due to the disappearance of the Wifi adapter and it is very hard to reconnect. After a sudden closure of the PC when we reopen it then also we face the same problem of the disappearance of the wifi adapter. To overcome this issue USB wifi adapter for pc was introduced. It is a driver through which you can connect to the internet via wi-fi on a computer or laptop.

USB Wifi drivers for windows 7

There are different types of windows drivers available according to the capability of your device, the windows you are using, and the brand of your device. In some systems, intel drivers work, while in other systems Realtek drivers work, or some need their official drivers which you have to download from their official website. 

This all would create a lot of confusion among many users. To get out of this dilemma follow the instructions given below in the session.

Most of the LAN and WLAN drivers are not working well in Windows 7, however, there are many users of Windows 7. Keeping this in mind some Universal Drivers are now available for Windows 7 PC.

The USB wifi adapter driver comes in two different bits one is wifi drivers for windows 7 64 bit other one is wifi drivers for windows 7 32 bit.

How To install USB wifi adapter for pc windows 7

There are a few simple steps to follow to install and use wifi drivers for windows 7.

  • Firstly you have to download a wifi driver for windows 7.
  • After downloading, two files will appear on your screen.
  • Install both the files one by one.
  • After installing one file, restart your computer and check your internet connection. If any problem arises or any connection error has occurred then only install another one else wise there is no need to install the second file.

Points To Be Remember while downloading

  • It is mandatory to download both the different files, but they have to be installed separately on the personal computer as per need.
  • Your pc or laptop should have enough battery, internet connection, and do not close in the middle of the process. As any of these interruptions will result in the failure of the procedure and you have to download it again. 
USB Wifi Adapter Driver
Windows 7 Download


If you are facing any problem regarding wifi do not go to the service center as they will charge you money for a free wifi driver. Instead of going there, search on google, youtube about the problem you are facing or mail us. This will be fruitful and beneficial for you and we will be very delighted to help you out.

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